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The refurbished product market has long since ceased to be seen as an alternative only for the most humble income to become an upward trend capable of satisfying the demand of any type of user. But despite its great growth, there is still an atmosphere of distrust around it that is necessary to dissipate forcefully. In the middle of the second decade of the 21st century, it is time to end that image of a street market or traveling entity that in some sectors still exists.

Whatever the size of your wallet or pocket, there is no empirical reason to doubt this type of second-hand market. The fear of a scam is completely unfounded , since it has the same possibilities of being in a trade in already used products as in a store where it is traded with items that have just left the factory. The scam does not depend on the type of market, but on who and how it runs it.

Demystified this matter, it is necessary to remember what virtues the market of its own possesses and what makes it a safe option to go to without any fear. If you still have doubts about it, this data will end up opening your eyes: in the last year, 7 out of 10 Spaniards bought or sold an object in the second-hand trade . Putting 70% of Spain in agreement on something is an end difficult to achieve, and that this tremendous volume of population has been a participant in this market speaks very well of security and the total guarantee it offers.

But beyond trust, one of the main reasons that distinguish the market for refurbished products as an interesting option is the care of the environment. According to the figures published in the Second Hand Effect study . The second-hand market and its effect on the environment , published by Vibbo, Spain, managed to save in 2016 about 700 tons of CO2 , a hopeful record that shows that going to the occasion market can be a good way to go to reduce the carbon footprint that human beings leave on the planet and stand up to climate change.

The Ecoembes data also reinforce this idea: in 2014 the recycling rate – thanks to the market boom of this type of items – stood at around 73.7% , which places Spain among the most powerful European nations in the world. commitment to the environment.

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