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The Spanish export companies have noticed a great growth that they have fully realized in their future prospects. According to the data obtained in the Second Quarter Export Survey, the estimates of the companies have improved significantly in terms of their order book and also in the recruitment of personnel.

The reason for this positive evolution lies mainly in the increase in external demand , a factor that is notoriously 46.6% relevant for the companies surveyed. Exporting companies also point to other elements of influence, such as improving the quality of competition or having adequate human resources, growth agents that, with 22.1% and 21.1% respectively, do not add up between both the record reached by foreign demand.

France, the great customer for Spanish exports
And it is that beyond our borders is the great engine of export growth . In this sense, France is consolidated as the most trusted customer for next year . The French country takes almost half of the cake (specifically, 40.4%) of the companies surveyed, which also place in a privileged place in the ranking to Germany (with 38.9%), data that consecrate both European powers as the main destinations for Spanish exports by 2018

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