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One of the continuous lots with the greatest margin in Europe. Lots of totally new product.

Merchandise from large European stores such as: Carrefour, Aldi, Lidl, Alcampo, …

It is a FULLY NEW PRODUCT in original box. It is NOT a return product. It is NOT a tare product.

It can contain products of recognized brands: Hasbro, Puma, Arena, Disney, Black and Decker, and many other top brands of great value.

It is a mixture of categories , it contains a variety of genres: Toy, utensils, decoration, footwear, work tools, kitchen utensils, leisure, school supplies, clothing, textiles, library material, makeup, appliances, furniture … Click here to more information

Products suitable for sale worldwide. With all relevant certifications.




  • LOT OF 15 PALES (APPROXIMATELY +21,000 PIECES) => 4500€ ( 300€ / PALÉ)

  • LOT OF 30 PALES (APPROXIMATELY +45,000 PIECES) =>  8500€

  • LOT OF 60 PALES (COMING SOON +89,000 PIECES) =>  14500€. | 16 CENTS PER PIECE! 

* Prices do not include taxes
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