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The Spanish export is still on the crest of the wave, and there is a fact that illustrates it perfectly: sales of goods and services to other countries have doubled from 2005 to today, and in the first half of 2017 have increased by 10% over the same period of the previous year. And among all this unstoppable increase, Europe, or rather, the European Union, is the main protagonist.

The EU receives 72.3% of all products that leave our borders, a figure that produces vertigo, especially when compared to the record that was in 2008, less than a decade ago, 59.71%. France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, the United Kingdom and, to a lesser extent, the Netherlands make up the main customer core of Spanish exports , which despite its good health, has a key issue to resolve, opening up to new markets.

The protectionism proposed by Donald Trump in the United States and the policies aimed at strengthening the internal market in China have become two hard pitfalls for a Spanish export that sees two of the world’s largest importers close their doors . That is why the national companies, whose activity lives a continuous and intense growth, are in the search of new and emerging markets that relocate a sector monopolized by the European powers

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