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How to import batches of merchandise


You probably have a recently started company and you want, not only to achieve its expansion and growth through a wide range of high quality assorted items and products , but also to become a wholesale distributor.

If that is your idea, we recommend that you seriously think about importing merchandise from the European Community market or closer to your country , that it is of quality, but also very profitable for you.

In LoteStock we will provide you with the necessary advice and the best tips for you to develop your import process in the best possible way and obtain the necessary information on how to get those lots of import stock with cheap, quality products and through a simple and expedited process .

The 7 best tips to buy lots of quality stock at a good price

Experience provider . The first thing you have to make sure is the experience that the batch exporting company has in the market that interests you or wants you to provide it. In this sense, we advise you to have at least 15 years of experience in the field of buying and selling export and import lots to be sure that you will have a good supplier in the future that also fully knows your work.

Origin of the lots to import . This is another aspect that you must take into account when obtaining or importing your stock lots or stock settlements . To do this you must ensure that your supplier has obtained them from liquidations, auctions, embargoes, production surpluses , etc. Why? Because the lots of liquidations are of great quality and at very low prices precisely because of their origin.

Condition of the receptionist or in charge of serving you. Make sure that at least it is bilingual, so that your communication with that person does not suffer any kind of obstacle and is as fluid as possible and you can express your concerns in the best way and also get an effective response to your requirements.

Required documentation It is important that you know, both you and your supplier, what is the documentation required for the procedures related to external operations of the entire export process.

Partner. If your company is based in a country far away or very distant from that of your exporter, we recommend that you get a partner so that, together, they assume the cost of importing from another continent , so they will save on logistics, personnel and transportation.

Logistics and Transportation. In importing it is essential that you know how international logistics and transport are developed . There are basically three ways by which you can send your stock lots and liquidation purchases that are: by road, by ship and / or by plane . If you are going to import perishable merchandise, the transport you must choose is certainly the plane.

In Europe, the train and road trailer is a good option to safely and quickly receive large volumes of merchandise . Generally it is necessary or required for its fulfillment to do it in two ways by train and by road.

However, road transport by truck Trailer is the most used and ideal for destinations between countries of the European community but for small and medium batch volumes .

Finally, when it comes to huge volumes of merchandise that is destined for remote sites or countries, the cheapest and ideal option is maritime transport . On ships the cargo goes in containers and a freight payment per container is required .

Generally, between the exporter and the importer they choose the site and the way in which the merchandise will be delivered.

Website and digital store. This is essential that you take into account when choosing not only your supplier of lots of stock and settlements to import , but the merchandise that you want to buy or may interest you . Why do we tell you? Because on the website of the company of your interest you can find not only a review of the company that interests you or that you want to be your supplier but more importantly, the full range of products that it offers you .

The origin of the merchandise, the brand of the products, their characteristics, the prices, the state, etc. , is information that is vital for you and that you can find on the website of your future supplier so that you make the best purchase and at the best price , and start a great relationship with your provider, so make sure they have a website where they give you all this information.

Where to buy and get the best stock lots and lot settlements, with the best quality and the best prices?

Undoubtedly, Lotestock is your best option for the purchase of lots of imported merchandise, since apart from being a company with more than 15 years of experience that gives you a proven experience, it has the most varied lots of stock with the better quality and at the best prices , because they are products of the best brands that come from liquidations, auctions, embargoes or surpluses of production .

In LoteStock you will find the best, largest, most varied and economical import lots from all over the European market , which will arrive, in a reliable way, at the destination you choose, because we export our great batches of products to any part of the world . Get ready because we give you a small sample of everything we have for you:

Products Mixed batch s

In LoteStock we offer you large batches of mixed product that is one of the continuous batches with the greatest margin of purchase and distribution in Europe . These are also lots with totally new and high quality products because it is merchandise that comes from the best European stores such as: Carrefour, Aldi, Lidl, Alcampo , visit it and observe it in detail at: https://lotestock.com/palets- bazaar-3 /

Lots of Stocks with Large Appliance Loads

We have available to our customers in our warehouses a large amount of large appliance stock , with unsurpassed quality and at the best prices , if you want to check it yourself, go to: https://lotestock.com/stock-de-gran-electrodomestico -2 / and delight yourself with our incredible and unsurpassed merchandise.

Lots with Pales of Small Appliances

Also in LoteStock we offer mixed pales with small appliances that are composed of 75 units. These are products of European and recognized brands .

This merchandise is new and brings its original packaging and, as if that were not enough, it has a two-year European warranty . The price of each pallet will depend on the amount of purchase you want, but if you want to know more and better appreciate our offer go to: https://lotestock.com/paletas-electrodomesticos-hogar-3/

Lots of Honest Fridges

If your interest is to invest in refrigerators and it is one of your distribution and sales branches, you cannot miss this opportunity to obtain the large lots of Honest Appliances refrigerators that are brand new and have a 2 year warranty. Learn them in detail with prices and everything at: https://lotestock.com/lotes-cargas-de-electrodomesticos-honest/

Lots of Samsung and LG appliances

Who has not heard of the great quality of the products and appliances of the Samsung and LG brands ? If you want to make these products at an unbeatable price, we have at your disposal in our warehouses a large amount of stock of large appliances of the Samsung and LG brand . So don’t miss it and watch it at: https://lotestock.com/stock-samsung-gran-electrodomestico/

Lots of Large Appliance s

We also have lots of large appliances with crazy prices because they come with small aesthetic defects virtually imperceptible. If you want to do a great business with the resale of these products visit us at: https://lotestock.com/lote-gran-electrodomestico-escoge-40-unidades/

Bauknecht / Whirlpool New Refrigerator Stock Lots

In LoteStock we also have for you Bauknecht Fridge Stock , totally new with its original packaging and warranty. Manufactured by Whirlpool . Seeing them is buying them, so don’t forget to go to: https://lotestock.com/frigorificos-bauknecht-whirlpool-nuevos/ so you can enjoy these great fridges.

Lots of French Style Haier Quadrio Fridge Stocks

We are sure that if you see this batch of Quadrio combi refrigerators, Slim American style you will want to get it and more when you see its unbeatable price. This lot is perfect for resellers of appliances because with it they will obtain great profitability. See it at https://lotestock.com/lote-haier-quadrio/

Lots of American Double Door Refrigerators

If your desire is to acquire Closeouts lots of stock- side refrigerators American high – end , we offer the best and affordable prices. Visit them and observe them in all their details at: https://lotestock.com/lotes-de-frigorificos-de-doble-puerta-americanos-limitado-10-unidades-nevera-americana/

Lots of Dishwasher Stock

Super lot Stock Grade B Dishwasher . They are Dishwasher, but of great quality, because they are of the recognized brands Beko, Hoover and Kenwood but at a gift price. See them in detail at: https://lotestock.com/lote-lavawasher/

Composition of trucks full of lots with the best market price

We offer you the best truck compositions full of household appliances of the best brands from stocks, liquidations etc, various products and with the best market price . See our magnificent compositions and great brands at: https://lotestock.com/composicion-de-camiones-llenos-consigue-el-mejor-precionadel-mercado/

Washing Machine Lots

In LoteStock we have for you large batches of washing machines of the best brands (LG, Samsung, Beko, Logik, Haier, Hoover, Kemwood), revised machines with 100% performance guarantee . Enter and observe them at: https://lotestock.com/lote-lavadoras/

Lot of Electric Cookers with Oven

Also go to https://lotestock.com/lote-de-cocinas-de-gas-y-electricas-con-horno/ and enjoy our lots of gas and electric cookers with built-in oven (wholesale). They are brand new and with a 2 year warranty and the great Honest Appliances brand .

Lot of Combi Fridges

In LoteStock we have for you the best offer of leading brand refrigerators: Beko, Samsung, Daewoo, with the best price for their small aesthetic tare. Enter: https://lotestock.com/frigorificos-combi-primeras-marcas/ and observe them in detail along with their prices.

Lot of Condenser Dryers

We also have batches and liquidations of condensation dryers at liquidation price , you can not miss them and get them at: https://lotestock.com/secadoras-condensacion/

Although these are machines with high prices originally, because they are of the Hoover, Candy, Beko, Hotpoint, Indesit and high-end brands , we have them for you at a price you can not believe, more than 300% discount of Its actual price on some of these products. 

Large Appliance Stock

In our stocks of large appliances you will also find high quality products from lots and settlements . Great brands at a good price. There are new and with tare. To see them in detail go to: https://lotestock.com/stock-gran-electrodomestico/

Lot of Pictures

As if that were not enough, we also have for you in LoteStock the sale of a wonderful batch of high quality paintings on canvas . They bring their wooden support as you can see at: https://lotestock.com/lote-de-cuadros/

Stock of Men’s Poles

Within our wide range of high quality products we also have a lot of colorful polo shirts for men . When you observe it, you will want to buy it, enter and observe it in detail at: https://lotestock.com/textil-polos-hombre/

Lot of Premium Brand Shirts

We also have for you a lot of fantastic shirts of different motifs and colors . All sizes These are high-end shirts . Visit us and see them in detail at: https://lotestock.com/lote-de-camisas-marca-conocidas-premium/

Lot of Gas Stoves

New reference of the Spanish brand Honest Appliances. Lot of gas heater of 4200W of power . It is a batch of new products with warranty .
Ready for sale inside and outside Europe. You can see them at: https://lotestock.com/lote-de-estufas-de-gas-nuevas-calentador-de-butano-inf infrajo-honest/

Lot of Candy Washers-Dryers – Hoover

This is another great batch of Candy and Hoover washers-dryers that is available to you at LoteStock just by entering: https://lotestock.com/ultimas-unidades-lavadora-secadora-hoover-9-6-8-5 / where you can observe them in detail as well as their prices.

Lot of Electricity Generators

Finally we have for you in LoteStock a wonderful and functional batch of generators of German brand Deluxe Tools . They are automatic / manual start, gasoline with three single-phase inputs plus three-phase input ideal for generating light or electric current. It is a stock of 300 units, ideal for export to those countries or regions where electricity constantly fails. See them in detail at: https://lotestock.com/generadores-de-luz-nuevos/

As you have seen, in LoteStock we have the most varied and incredible batches of merchandise liquidations of the best brands, quality and prices, but also with the support of an experience of more than 15 years in the field, with which we guarantee reliability , liability and insurance provider . So do not think about it anymore and hire us that you will surely not regret it!

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