WHIRPOOL / BAUKNETCH FRIDGE LOADS – STOCKS of totally new Bauknecht / Whirpool refrigerators with their original packaging and official warranty. Manufactured by Whirlpool.

Brand new high-end refrigerators.

Price for a load of 90 Units – € 289 Unit


For minimum orders of 15 units to choose from. Observe the prices for wholesalers that appear next to the references.

These Prices apply for 15 Units you can choose.


BAUKNECHT KGNFI  20 – NO FROST  200 Cm HIGH A ++ ➞ 349 €


BAUKNECHT KGSF 18 189 Cm A +++ ➞ € 290

BAUKNECHT KGE 336 189 Cm A +++ ➞ 290 €

BAUKNECHT KGLF 18 189 Cm A ++ ➞ 290 €


The store price range of these models is between € 550 to € 900

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International Trade: Pros, cons and transport methods

Importing , like anything else, has its good and bad sides. Although a country that participates in international trade through the importation of products, whatever it is, it contributes to enriching the standard of living of its country. Since the import allows consumers to have more diversity in terms of products. It also allows them to expand their cultural horizon. Since you have the option to consume products from other places. In addition, the import also carries with it an innovation factor. Since companies face greater competition. And this can also be beneficial for the country’s economy.

However, importation can also be a threat to local commerce, as well as jobs. If imported products become important, the market share of local products may decrease or even disappear. Also, if the competition is too strong, it can dominate the market.

Nevertheless, it is very attractive for an export company because it allows it to expand its market and expand its customer base. This way you can maximize sales . Although without a doubt, before venturing into international trade, the pros and cons must be evaluated.

Transporte marítimo. Comercio internacional

Maritime transport, the most advantageous means of transport in terms of price

The export also reduces the risk: do not put all your eggs in the same basket.
For a company, export has great advantages : for production, for commercial advantage and of course for profits. First, it is possible to increase the life of a product. If we sell a product that has become outdated or has gone out of style in our country, it is possible to bring it back to life in other countries where technology is less developed or where this product is a novelty.

On the other hand, the export also reduces the risk (do not put all your eggs in the same basket) since from one country to another customs, tastes and values ​​change. This makes our products have new opportunities to sell. In addition, an export company is placing itself in a situation in which foreign competition is more fierce and threatening, which forces it to always innovate to maintain its market share. Finally, when exporting, we end up with a broader customer base, so our turnover and profits increase.

However, international trade can sometimes involve certain risks. It may be that a company has problems with customs or has difficulties with the temperature if its products require cold, which delays its efforts. Sometimes, these attempts may run poorly. So when a company is established in a new market it can be a failure and a waste of money. It can also be difficult to adapt to a new culture or a new market. In addition, export requires the expense of large sums of money. Although without a doubt, it can also bring great benefits .

What mode of freight transport to choose for your logistics?
A critical element of logistics and the supply chain is transport. Since it allows us to send and receive products daily. That is why it is important to choose the best way to transport goods. This way you have to evaluate all the factors that could affect your delivery. We must find the transport that best suits the needs of our business, the most profitable and the one that does the job on time.

Road transport is the most used land transport mode in Spain and the rest of the world. It is also indispensable, because even if you choose another transport, such as air or sea transport, you will need a truck to deliver the goods at the port of departure and pick them up at the port of arrival to the destination address. The advantage of road transport is that deliveries are fast, it is ideal for short and long distances. It is also suitable for products that require a controlled transport temperature, such as medicines, for example. But like any means of transport, it has a disadvantage and no less important, in fact, transit time is subject to the flow of road traffic.

Transporte por carretera

Road transport: deliveries are fast, it is ideal for short and long distances

Nothing can stop a truck, nothing except the vast ocean.
Ground transportation is expensive, but it has an undeniable advantage: its flexibility. No matter where you go … Nothing can stop a truck, nothing except the vast ocean. Impediment that leads us to talk about another widely used method of transport: maritime transport . Since this is also the preferred means of transport for importers due to its very low cost . Either through a complete container (FCL Full Container Load) or by renting part of a container (LCL Less than Full Container Load), it is the most advantageous means of transport in terms of price. Its great drawback is that it is much slower and is also subject to shipping dates for shipping and freight forwarders.

Spain’s position the export market and its new opportunities

Last year’s export figures for Spain reached a record 217,126 million euros. An increase of 8.9% compared to 2016. An increase that makes Spanish results better than those of the European Union (+ 7.4%) and the euro zone (+ 7.2%). Compared to its European neighbors, Spain is also in first position. Globally, Spain registers higher growth than the United States (+ 6.6%) and China (+ 6.7%).

Promoted and co-financed by the European Union, the Mediterranean railway corridor will link the main Spanish ports with the rest of Europe. Therefore, Spain is a first class center thanks to its central position. Between the East and the West, on the main shipping routes in the world. Gateway to the flow of goods from America and Asia to Europe, this country is also an outlet for European exports. Thus, the Mediterranean, of which Spain is one of the main accesses, becomes an emerging market for Quebec’s ports.

Knowing how to do Spanish in the railway sector is not without international importance. Since many countries have asked Spain to carry out their projects.

The US and China close their borders to foreign products.
However, the protectionism proposed by Donald Trump in the United States and the policies to strengthen the domestic market in China have become two difficult situations for Spanish exports. Since these countries, the most important in the world, are creating tariffs and closing their borders for foreign products. This is the reason why Spanish companies, as well as the rest of EU companies, whose businesses experience continuous and intense growth, are looking for new and emerging markets.

Exportación de stock a Marruecos

Many Spanish companies have set their sights on a growing market such as Africa. This is a market that begins to offer great opportunities for European companies. The growth sectors are numerous in an increasingly rich area. Now offers more guarantees to investors.

Spain and Morocco: A strategic winning association.
One of the most important focuses for Spanish companies in Africa is the Moroccan market. This is an association of years old that is now more alive than ever.

Morocco is the largest African market for Spain and is in ninth position in our world ranking. In 2018, Spanish companies exported products for more than 8,000 million euros. Outside the European Union it is the second most powerful market for Spain. It is just behind the United States, where in 2018 we export 12 billion euros.

Exportaciones españolas en 2018. Fuente: ICEX.ES

There are several factors for which it is very beneficial for our companies to export products to Morocco. There are few kilometers that separate us and there is also a great relationship between both governments. Plasmadas in bilateral agreements on economic issues.

As a result, Spanish exports to Morocco have grown steadily thanks to the competitiveness of Spanish industry and the strengthening of its image in international markets.