LoteStock bazar lot

The Bazar lot is one of the star products of LoteStock and one of the most popular outlet stocks in the world.

Thanks to our seniority working with the mixed product of bazaar, we have great experience exporting and importing large lots to be able to offer the best prices to our clients. The large volumes allow us to have continuous bazaar in stock and to be able to provide with very little waiting time, besides offering a stable flow of quality merchandise.


What is the LoteStock Bazaar product?

They are pallets of totally new merchandise.


It is a merchandise of a great variety of different products, all of them, ready for immediate sale.



Which is the origin for these bazaar pallets?

All merchandise comes from stores in Europe. It is an assortment of the outlet merchandise of several large European chains, stores of type Lidl, Carrefour, Alcampo, Aldi, …

Thanks to its origin exclusively from Europe, we feel comfortable guaranteeing compliance with current regulations.






What can the LoteStock Bazaar contain?

Bazaar lots contain a wide variety of products from a wide variety of categories.

All products are certified for sale in Europe, which means that they meet the standards and requirements of quality and manufacturing required within Europe. The advantage of this is that the European standards are some of the highest in the world, so it is very rare that they do not exceed the manufacturing and quality requirements of non-European countries.

The content of the pallets of this merchandise varies and is sold by no particular category. In general, it usually contains products such as:

  • Clothing and textiles: Both white label products and clothing from premium brands of brands such as Jack & Jones, Inditex, …
  • Appliances: In general, small household appliances, work tools, digital gadgets, … Occasionally it may contain large appliances, even a washing machine!
  • Furniture: Office chairs, stools, chairs, tables and other furniture
  • Tableware: Porcelain dishes, steel cutlery, disposable cutlery, crystal glasses, porcelain cups, one-use cups and many other utensils for food.
  • Consumer material: Products such as DVD or Blu Ray movies, video games, reading material, …
  • Clothing accessories: Items such as belts, clothing accessories or other fashion products.
  • Cosmetics: May contain creams, makeup, perfumes. Products of leading brands.
  • Toys: Toys or merchandising for children, such as Hasbro games, board games, stuffed toys, Disney material, …
  • Footwear and accessories: Sports shoes, boots, shoes of recognized brands.
  • OTHERS: Anything that is sold in a Carrefour type store, Lidl, Aldi, … can come on these pallets.

In summary: The bazaar lot is a cheap merchandise to sell fast and without worries.

When you purchase a batch of Bazaar or pallets of mixed products, you accept the following conditions: Conditions for Bazaar lot

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